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Proactive Maintenance

Perform important system tests.

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Staying ahead of the game is critical. The cost and lingering stress of the next emergency can be overwhelming. While you cannot predict equipment failure, you can be proactive. Don’t risk it. Run your business with more confidence thanks to the simple step of regular maintenance.

Reduce your risk — lower the frequency and severity of inconvenient breakdowns. 

Protect your equipment — reduce wear and tear and extend the life of your equipment.

Improve safety — reduce the risk of harm and injury from faulty systems.

Save money — invest in preventative care to save on expensive future emergency repairs and ongoing energy costs. 

Improve your impact — lower overall energy usage and reduce your environmental footprint.

With a scheduled maintenance plan, Ventech will regularly…

  • Conduct top to bottom inspection of your equipment.
  • Perform important system flushing.
  • Service all filters and belts. 

Take a look behind the scenes…


How It Works

Avoid issues before they happen.

Mechanical failures don’t wait for a convenient time to happen but protecting yourself against future emergencies is simple. Here’s how with Ventech:


Allow us to conduct an onsite assessment of your equipment and maintenance protocols.



Accept our recommendations and estimates.



Book necessary installation, repairs and/or regular maintenance.


Get ahead of the game.

Partner with Ventech and enjoy newfound confidence knowing your mechanical systems are well maintained, dependable and efficient. Call us today at 289-566-8470, email or fill out the form below.

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